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Perfectly imperfect. Certainly uncertain. Exceptionally mediocre.

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About Us

Jim Dalling, Psychotherapist, Life Coach and Career Counsellor started The Good Enough Network for people who are ready to be good enough. 

We are certainly uncertain, perfectly imperfect, and exceptionally mediocre people.

We are here for you - Generation x people pleasing perfectionists. You've worked your ass off to get where you are today. And? The life you're living isn't what you imagined it to be.

You've played by the rules. You've made the right moves. You've done as you've been told. You've sacrificed yourself, looked after others and have been left wondering, when is someone else going to do the same for me?

You've worked yourself into a web of perfectionism and people pleasing with the promise that if you contort yourself a little bit more, you'll eventually end up with the golden goose.

The golden goose has been cooked and eaten by someone else.

Somehow, you've internalized scarcity. Your work? NOT ENOUGH! Your time? NOT ENOUGH! Your achievements? NOT ENOUGH! You are a driven person. Driven to please others. Driven to make things better, edging ever closer to perfection. These qualities have helped you create your life. 

When something needs to be done, I just jump up and make it happen. I don't give anyone else space to step up. I don't feel comfortable waiting for someone else to take the lead. 

Driven. This used to be a strength. Now? You're not so sure.

All of this has cost you - putting others first and working towards an unattainable perfection. You've internalized your shame and guilt. 

I lived with a sense that if I didn't look after other people, I'd end up in trouble somehow.

We have a new way of looking at self-improvement. We want to level off instead of ratchet up. We want to switch into glide instead of spin our wheels. We want to live a life that is GOOD ENOUGH. So much money is made helping people level up, or optimize their lives. We are here to help you delight in the ordinary and find contentment in daily life.

The Good Enough Network is an online community providing a safe opportunity for members to turn off from the constant competition, virtue signalling, and noise of mainstream social media. 

Why You Should Join Us


Really. That statement isn't entirely melodramatic. Everyone is relying on you. All of the time. When something goes wrong? 'They' call on you. Only you. If you weren't there the world would go sideways because you take care of everyone. You find you're becoming bitter, resentful and burnt out. What's worse? You need help, support and attention. No matter how much of this you give to others, they never seem willing to return the favor. It's as though everyone just thinks that you've got it. Don't worry about __________ (your name here). She's got it. Every now and then you reach out for help. And when you do? It just ends up being more work for you in the long run. 


Do you find yourself stuck on a vicious cycle of looking after others. Whether it's at work or home, no matter what happens, what you want or need never has time to happen. You started out with great intentions. In your twenties, you were vibrant. Life was filled with possibilities. You were 'living your best life'. Now? Your to do list is an endless stream of meeting expectations for others. What happened to you? What happened to living your best life? What happened to fun? Hell, what happened to using the toilet uninterrupted by someone else 'needing' something.


Laughter. Joy. Play. Pleasure. These are all the sensations of resilience. At The Good Enough Network, we believe that laughter is the best medicine and we've done the research to prove it. Our courses are engaging, playful and fun. Personal growth though frequently painful, doesn't have to be boring or serious. We take delight in the absurdity of living. We know how to laugh at ourselves. We have time and space to play, be free and have fun.


There was a time when your days were filled with hope. The prospect of taking on a new responsibility filled you with optimism and ambition. New things you encountered sparked curiosity and wonder. Now? They have just become more 'things to deal with'. You want a break. You need a break. The question is how to get one. You could go down the road of exploring all of the ways that you got here. You could spend your time figuring out why you ended up here. Or? You could learn to take steps to create space and time for yourself. You can discover how to find contentment, curiosity and soaring joy. You can find a way to let go of the expectations of others and live a life that's good enough.

Here you'll learn about 

  • How to say NO by dumping the word “should”.

  • Building healthy relationship boundaries through responsible language

  • Throwing out the 'bucket list' in favor of a 'fuck it list'

  • Finding opportunities for pleasure, play, connection and authenticity in your daily life

The others are waiting

The only way community support happens is through community. Thank you for being brave and joining us in the quest for humanity in an inhumane world. We're waiting for you.

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